License activation process overview

The Board license information is stored in a file (the KEY file). To install a license you must create the KEY on the computer where the Board Client (in case you are installing a standalone license) or Board Server (in case you are installing a Master license) are installed.

Once the KEY file has been created (it is only a half-key and does not enable Board to run yet) it must be submitted to Board’s web site for certification in order to become a full-key (a certified KEY). When a half-KEY file is sent to Board’s web site, it goes through a verification process that verifies if the requesting party has purchased the requested licenses. If the verification process is successful, a certification stamp is added to the original half-KEY which then becomes a certified and active Board license KEY. The certified KEY file is then immediately sent to the requesting party via a-mail.

The KeyManager program allows you to create your Board licenses and send the half-KEY for certification.  This program is automatically installed while running the Board Client or the Board Server installation programs.


To install and certify a license, you need to go through the following steps which are explained in detail later in this chapter:

      1.  Create the half-KEY: this is achieved by running the KeyManager program on the computer where the license is to be activated. The KeyManager prompts you for some information such as the customer name, customer contract code and license type then creates the half-KEY file.
      2.  Send the half-KEY to the Board’s web site: this is achieved by accessing Board’s web site support area ( or directly by the KeyManager program which connects to the licensing server.
      3.  Receive the certified KEY: after processing the half-KEY and if the requested licenses are available, the certified KEY file is immediately returned via e-mail.
      4.  Place the certified KEY file in the directory where it was created in step 1.



Before reading this chapter, read Chapter 1 - Welcome on Board, for a general introduction to Capsules. Refer to Chapter 6 – Database Design to familiarize with multidimensional database concepts and the specific terminology.