Web DataView

The DataView object is the main reporting object for the creation of analysis, it represents data in a form of a grid. The DataView grid can display numerical data, text and supports grouping, sorting, data-entry and a rich set of interactive features and formatting options.

The DataView object provides the following interactive features,

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Sorting on columns

To sort the rows of a DataView click on the header of the column to base the sort on. From version 7.3.5 you can sorting even on group level.



To drill-down on a row, click on the icon appearing on the left of the desired row.



The DataView will follow the drill-down path which has been predefined and saved in the Capsule, otherwise it is possible to drill-down as desired. It is possible to drill-down to an Entity or to drill to another Screen. The user-defined drill-down path is not saved in the Web Client.

Note that if the DataView Layout is a Master Layout, then the drill-down function is not available.


Clicking on the master icon of a row (see picture below) will refresh the data displayed by all other objects of the screen, with a restriction to the item clicked.



When the Master option is enabled, the drill-down function is disabled.


Drill-to screen

It is possible to drill-down from one DataView row to another screen within the same Capsule: click on the icon appearing on the left of the desired row: the selected target screen will be opened with a selection on the item clicked. This feature allows to nest analysis in a more powerful way than the standard drill-down which fundamentally only changes the level of granularity of one report, in a drill-to screen navigation the data represented (values, indexes) and types of objects (charts, dashboards, grids) may vary as the user drills from a top level view to another screen, more detailed.



The DataView object supports entering numerical, dates and text data into Board cubes. Refer to The Layout object section of this manual for details.

When data-entry is enabled on a cube, the cells background becomes yellow (unless otherwise formatted). Click on a cell and type the desired value or text. On numerical cells, a calculator icon appears, allowing to use the calculator to enter the desired value. The value keyed-in by the user is immediately saved to the Board cube. Data entry is possible even if the DataView object has flattened groups.



The DataView content can be exported to a Microsoft Excel file or to HTML or XML file: click on the export icon and select the desired file type.




It is  possible from the Board Web Client to download data using the XPS format like default format. To activate this Option tick the check-box "Force Export to XPS" in the Client Default Settings Section of the Web Server Configuration Tool.