Board Web Server overview

This chapter introduces the characteristics and features of Board Web Server.

About Board Web Server

Board Web Server allows to access and analyze data from a Board database using an Internet browser. Users can open and navigate the Capsules screens, reusing the analysis and applications created with the Board Client. Board Web Server supports the typical features of multidimensional analyses such as drill-down, slice-and-dice but also supports multi-user data-entry and execution of Board procedures which are fundamental features for supporting planning and forecasting applications.


A Board Web Server application can also easily be integrated in an existing portal and can work with other Web servers such as Microsoft IIS or Apache. Board Web Server applications can easily be integrated with other web-based applications in the company's web site or portal. Board Web Server pages use Cascading Style Sheet to allow customizing colors, fonts and background to match the style of your corporate web site.


The HTTP service of Board Web Server supports HTML pages, ASP pages with VBScript and JavaScript and can invoke Board Web queries through a specific URL.

Installation and configuration of Board Web Server

Refer to Board Web Server installation and Board Web Server configuration.