Board Mobile Overview

1 Introduction

BOARD Mobile makes it possible to customers to rapidly develop and deploy state-of-the art mobile BI applications in a matter of hours. Key features and advantages include:

• Native application for Windows 8 Mobile and Apple iOS applications guarantees maximum speed and performance for the end-user

• Porting of nearly any current BOARD application to the mobile device means that users will instantly recognize their desktop, or browser based application, thus maximizing the chance of high user adaptation rates.

• Automatic check of fit of layouts and features to the form factor of the mobile device reduces errors, time to solution and deployment issues.

• Maximum ROI for existing BOARD customers as little time and effort is required to deploy existing BI applications to mobile

• Short implementation times for both existing and new BOARD customers as mobile application as configured and deployed with the programming free BOARD ToolKit.

• Simple administrative process for activating and deploying mobile users

2 Requirement

2.1 Server

Board Mobile 2.0 needs the installation of Board 9.0.0 Web Server.

Board Web Server manages a dedicated proxy for all calls from mobile devices.


Board Web Server can be installed on the following operating systems:

·         Windows XP Professional Edition with Service Pack 2 (or later)

·         Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server and other later, including 64-bit editions of the Windows Servers family

·         Windows 7, all professional editions


To install Board Web Server, run the setup program and follow the on-screen instructions.


The setup procedure verifies that the following software is installed on the PC:

·         Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

·         Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1

·         Windows Installer 3.1


If Framework is not available the BOARD setup automatically connects to the Microsoft Web Site , downloads and installs it.


2.2 Mobile Devices supported

iPad with iOS 7 or later

Tablet Windows 8.1 or later



Devices with older OS version, can download from the Apple/Windows Store BOARD Mobile Client 1.0 only.