BoardServer log file

BoardServers write activities on a monthly log file located in the directory \Board\Dataset\WebLog . The name of the file is Web_YYYYMM.log where YYYYMM represents year and month. Note that the prefix ”r;Web” is used for historical reasons only, it does not refer to any Web activity or feature.

A record in the log file is generated whenever BoardServer accesses an InfoCube to populate a Layout. For example, the execution of a report with a Layout of two InfoCubes and a calculated field, generates two records in the log file. When a single Layout refers to more than one InfoCube, the elapsed time parameter is only recorded  on the first record but refers to the total CPU time required to execute the Layout.

The log file is a fixed length field text file with the following structure


Position and width

Field name


   1 – 10

Auto num.

Incremental counter of BoardServer’s action number.

Note! It is not a unique record identifier.


11 – 25


It is the user’s security profile.


36 – 1

ro/rw access

Indicates whether the infoCube is accessed in read-only or read-wirte mode. The value N when the InfoCube is accessed for reading only, E when for data entry mode.


37 – 5


Unused field, filler string N__N1.


42 – 25

BdB name

BOARD Database name (without extension).


67 – 100

BdB path

Full path of the BOARD Database.


167 – 25 


Name of the InfoCube accessed.


192 – 5


InfoCube version.


197 – 8


Date, in the format yyyymmdd.


205 – 6


Time in the format hhmmss.


211 – 6


Unused field, filler character ”r;_”.


217 – 1

Data access

P indicates data view is at physical level, L indicates data view is logical.


218 – 1

Layout id

Value is 1 on the first record of a Layout object, other records relating to InfoCubes beloging to the same Layout are marked with 0.


219 – 3


Unused field, filler character ”r;_”.


221 –10

elapsed time

Time (in seconds) required to execute the Layout.

Note! If the Layout contains more than one InfoCube, this parameter is present only on the first record for that Layout and indicated the execution time required for extracting all InfoCubes (i.e. only on records where the Layout id is 1).