Board 10.1.3 Release Notes

What's New in Board 10.1.3

Application localization

The Localization of the Board Application (Capsule and Database) is now available in the Web Client. This features "translate" the Capsule and Database elements in the user's own language to facilitate the global roll-out and utilization of  the Board  Application.


How to Translate the Capsule and Database Elements


Login with Administration or Power User Privileges. Click on the user's name in the top right corner. The drop down menu prompts out. Click on the Localization Label.






Click now on the SCAN Button. After few seconds the list of all the elements of the Databases and Capsules located in the c:\Board\Database and c:\Board\Capsules\... Folders will be listed. For each element it is visible the original string (text) and the element type such as Cube Name, Entity Group, Label, Capsule etc.


Click now on the +LANGUAGE  Button. The List of the available languages accordingly with the International Standard is displayed. Tick one or more check-boxes corresponding with the desired languages. Click OK to confirm, Cancel to abort.







You are now ready to start your translation. For each selected language a text column is available on the right. Item by Item type your translation in the column of the language you're translating. If you do not translate one item, it will be visualized as originally created (original text column).




Click Save when Done.

To remove a Language from the List un-tick its check box. A confirmation message prompts out.







Short Notices:

It is not possible to load the translation from a file. Translations must be manually typed.

Translations are saved per each language in the file C:\BOARD\Dataset\Localization\CapsuleTranslationNN.csv where NN is the Language acronym (e.g. IT for Italian). The File can be copied between two different machines and manually edited.

To clear all the Translations delete all the Files in the C:\BOARD\Dataset\Localization\ Folder




How to use an existing Translation

Login and click on the user's name in the top right corner. The drop down menu prompts out. Open the Language Drop Down List and select the language you like.


Clicking on the Refresh Button the Translations will be immediately applied.



Short Notices:

If you select any of the English, German, Spanish Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese, or Korean language even the Web Client Interface will be localized.

Fixes and minor changes

Board Win Client


WEB Client


Office Add-In

Data Connection and Loading

Configuration and Administration


Upgrade instructions

After upgrading the Board Server it is required to upgrade all Board Client and Office Add-in installations to the same version 10.1.3. A Capsule created or saved using version 10.1.3 can't be re-opened with an older version such as version 10.0.1 or even older.

When you open Capsules created with prior versions of Board (version 9 or 8) a request of upgrade to Board 10 format prompts out. If you click Yes the Capsule is automatically updated in few secs and enabled to the Board Web Client. If you click No you can still go on to use the Capsule but with the Board Win Client only .

Upgrading Board Web from version 10.0 to 10.1.3

All custom configuration settings of Board Web 10.0 which were stored in the following two files

c:\Program Files (x86)\Board\BoardWeb Api Server\BoardWebApiEngine.config

c:\Program Files (x86)\Board\BoardWeb Api Server\Web.config


are now in multiple files, all stored in the following subfolder

c:\Program Files (x86)\Board\BoardWeb Api ServerApp_Data\config


If you have an installation of Board Web server 10.0 and you defined some custom configurations in the Web.config or BoardWebApiEngine.config files, you must re-type your configurations in the new files of version 10.1.3 located in the folder mentioned above.

It is of course not necessary if you already run 10.1.0 or later.