Board 10.1.2 Release Notes

What's New in Board 10.1.2

Board XLS Add-In new features

Version 10.1.2, Board XLS Add-In includes new exclusive features:


Excel Formulas Activation


Once you have created a Board Layout in an Excel Spreadsheet it is now possible to Activate the Excel formulas option. Right click on the Layout Area and Click on “Use Excel Formulas”.Board XLS Add-In is now capable to recognize the Layout Syntax (based on blocks and algorithm) and translate it in XLS Formulas






As a result of this, when you perform the Data Entry with the XLS Add-In ,  Totals and Subtotals are immediately recalculated even if you don't press Save (What If). This feature is available in offline and online mode.


You can de-activate this option right clicking on the Layout Area and Click on “Disable Excel Formulas”. By default, and for all the existing sheets is disabled.


Excel Formulas can be also activated from the Data-view or the Ball Point Menu of  the Windows Client when you Export a Data-view in Excel.




Clicking on the Excel Icon of the Data-view Sliding Bar, it exports without formulas.





VB Macro Scripts


The command “ExecuteScript” now requires one additional param (db name): ExecuteScript(Dbname, Script)


Given Sample (Echo is the Db Name):

ExecuteScript("Echo", "Database ""Echo""" & vbCrLf & "Select" & vbCrLf & """Year"" ""2005""" & vbCrLf & "End Select" & vbCrLf & "Table""Layout Title "" ShowHeaders ShowHorizontalGrid ShowVerticalGrid Indent 10" & vbCrLf & "ByRow ""Division"" ""Product Group"" ""Product"" HideEmptyRows" & vbCrLf & "ByColumn ""Year"" ""Quarter""" & vbCrLf & "Show ""Gross Sales""" & vbCrLf & "End Table")



The function “GetCellColType” (Row ID, Col ID) is now available and returns:

0              Cell's Label (Cod or Des of the entity member)

1              Total

2              Value

3              Grand Total

If it returns 1 the additional function "GetEntityLevel" (Row ID, Col ID) can be used and it returns the Level of Depth of the Row

0              Grand Total

1              First level

2              Second level

N             n level (Leaf)




Board Client New Features

Back Up Procedure Command

The Database Back-Up Folder Name  now includes a timestamp of the back-up ; this allows to preserve several and different back-up of the same database.

To prevent a useless inflation of Database Back-Up you can setup with the Parameter Expiration Days the acceptable obsolescence of the Back-Up you like to keep.



"n" Expiration Days it means all the Back-up from today to (today-n) days will be kept. If today you execute a Back-Up all the Back-Up Folders which Timestamps  are  older than (today-n days) will be deleted.

E.g. if Expiration Days is 3 and today is 28/July/17 all the back-up copies from the 26/July/2017 on are kept. At the execution of the first today back-up the back-up copies older than the  26/July/2017 will be deleted.



Notices :



ASCII Data Reader

It is now possible from a Drop Down list to setup the Encoding format of the ASCII file your going to load with a data reader protocol.






The Backup Scheduler

A new Board Tool (the Backup scheduler) is now available. Syntax is :


/host "serverName:9700"

You can specify the host/port address


/ssl "on" | "off"

It adopts an encrypted SSL connection.Default: off


/lastdnsname "dnsName"

It adopts  an encrypted SSL connection. If there are many DNS Names inside the certificate "Subject Alternative Name" you must take the last one.


/winEncryption "on" | "off"

It adopts the Windows Encryption. Default: on


/sso "on" | "off"

 It adopts the Single Sign-On to connect, i.e. the current Windows user. Default: off


/username "myUsername"

It takes this username to connect, in this case you must also specify a password


/password "myPassword"

 It takes this password to connect


/DestinationPath "c:\backupPath"

The Path where the backup is stored. If not specified the default backup path is used


/BackupExpirationDays "30"

 This is the retention policy: the backups that are older than (today - n) are removed


/DataBase "myDataBase"

Name of the DataBase that you want to back-up



Sample :

"C:\Program Files\Board\Board Server\Tools\BoardBackupLauncher.exe" /host "myserver:9700" /sso  /DestinationPath "c:\Board\BackUp_Foldername\" /BackupExpirationDays "7" /Database "My Database"



Fixes and minor changes

Board Mobile


Configuration and Administration


<saml2configurations UseSHA256="true">

 ... setup ...



in the file C:\Program Files (x86)\Board\Board WebApi Server\App_Data\config\saml2.config




Board Win Client


WEB Client



Upgrade instructions

After upgrading the Board Server it is required to upgrade all Board Client and Office Add-in installations to the same version 10.1.2. A Capsule created or saved using version 10.1.2 can't be re-opened with an older version such as version 10.0.1 or even older.

When you open Capsules created with prior versions of Board (version 9 or 8) a request of upgrade to Board 10 format prompts out. If you click Yes the Capsule is automatically updated in few secs and enabled to the Board Web Client. If you click No you can still go on to use the Capsule but with the Board Win Client only .

Upgrading Board Web from version 10.0 to 10.1.2

All custom configuration settings of Board Web 10.0 which were stored in the following two files

c:\Program Files (x86)\Board\BoardWeb Api Server\BoardWebApiEngine.config

c:\Program Files (x86)\Board\BoardWeb Api Server\Web.config


are now in multiple files, all stored in the following subfolder

c:\Program Files (x86)\Board\BoardWeb Api ServerApp_Data\config


If you have an installation of Board Web server 10.0 and you defined some custom configurations in the Web.config or BoardWebApiEngine.config files, you must re-type your configurations in the new files of version 10.1.2 located in the folder mentioned above.

It is of course not necessary if you already run 10.1.0 or later.