Board 10.0.3 Release Notes

Upgrade instructions

Board Client version 10.0.3 can connect to a server running Board Server 10.0.3 only, it is therefore required to update all Board Client and Office Add-in installations.

Capsules created or modified with version 10.0.3 cannot be re-opened with version 10.0.1 (or prior).

What's New in Board 10.0.3

Board Security : the Folder Profiles .

The Folder Profile extends the capability to identify different job roles in the creation and maintenance process of a Board Application (Capsule) facilitating  the propagation of such editing permissions both on several capsules and users.

 It is now possible :


Let’s assume a Scenario with two Teams of Users with analogue license privileges (Power User) but with distinct editing privileges on the same Capsule Library. It is now suggested to deploy the Capsules in a Folder Hierarchy that is based not only on the Business Area (as it traditionally happened) but also on Job Role. This identifies the User in each Area; in this way you can completely cross Functional Privileges with Editing Privileges.



In this Sample the Team in charge of the Financial Planning Application must have the following privileges:


Full editing privileges (Read/Write) on the FP Application that is under development or test.


Editing privileges (Read Only) on the FP Corporate Application for troubleshooting or support purposes without saving rights.  Any permanent change must be implemented in the Sandbox, Validated and then promoted in Production when ready.


User Privileges of the Sales Operations Application (Play Only).They are excluded from any Development Activity .


This complex Scenario can now be managed easily by creating a Folder Profile (FP Maintenance Team) with accurate read/write Rules per each Capsule Folder. This is then assigned to each Team member.


The license that the Team's members have been given (in this case Power User) does not affect the Folder Profile configuration.


How to create a Folder Profile

Using a user with the System Security Administration Role enabled

> Open the BOARD Security Tab

> Click on the Folder Profiles Tab

> Click on Add Profile


Type a Folder Profile Name and press OK when done. The Profile is created.


How to Add Rules to an Existing Profile

> Click on an Existing Profile


> Click on Add Folder Button




> Select from the Drop Down List the Folder you like.

> Select the preferred Editing Privileges (Access Level).




> Click on Apply to confirm. The sample above reproduces the configuration for the proposed Business Scenario.


The following editing privileges are available :

Play only: The User can’t switch to Development mode. Access to Layout Designer is possible (but can’t be saved). User is not able to rename or save a capsule within this folder.

Read only: The User can switch to Development mode, but can’t save changes. So “reading” access to an existing capsule is possible (with access to lock cubes, suggested values, validation rules, etc.) but user isn’t able to change business logic. User is not able to rename or save a capsule within this folder.

Read/Write: User has full access to a capsule and is able to save changes, rename the capsule or create a new capsule within this folder.





How to Apply a Folder Profile to a Security Profile

> Enable the Folder Profiling by ticking the “Enable Folder Security Profile” check-box in the Folder Profile Tab. This allows you to prepare all the profile in advance and apply them only when ready.


> Open the Security Profile Tab

> Tick the check-box of the existing Folder Profiles you like to apply to the Security Profile.







Minor improvements

User Locking mechanism has been re-engineered: when two users, login with the same credentials, the Board User is not locked any more. The latter login simply kick-out the former.


It is now possible to sort users in the Board Security Tab clicking on the User or User Type Column Header


The Language Setting of the User Security Profile has been improved; it now includes languages on cultural basis too, e.g. German, Swiss German, Austrian German etc. Existing settings are preserved. This impacts Web Users only.


The Geo Map Object now uses the proper geo-localization provider (Open Street Map)


Board SAP Connectors configuration  now auto-detects if the SSL protocol is enabled (you need to download


Cluster Synch on Demand:  in the More Tab, a Procedure Command (Cluster Slave upload to Master) that triggers the Synch of Database In-Ram images from the Slave to the Master Server is now available. The Slave Settings must be :

 <DataConsumer>false</DataConsumer> this prevents the Master to Download on the Server

 <DataProvider>true</DataProvider> this enables the Slave to upload on the Master

 <UploadInterval_min>0</UploadInterval_min> this avoids any clash with the Synch on Demand that is now driven through the Procedure execution


Board Mobile : Client Side Commands in Procedure are now available for but for iPad only.


Board Mobile :all the trafic for W8 or iOs Client is now on TCP Port 85 only


Board Cloud : It is now possible to hide the File Upload functionality to Board Users. Cloud Administrators will still the see “File Upload” Menu Item but disabled, non Administrator User will not see it at all. Please contact the Cloud Support to activate it.


Board Web : it is now possible to export the Drill Through Output into an XLS Sheet.


Board Web : When you drill - through to a table that contains some URL then the string is active and can be clicked immediately (it opens the link in a new tab of the browser).


SAP Connector : A SAP connector update is needed when upgrading Board to version 10.0.3. The SAP connector must be 2.26.1 or newer








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