Board 10.0.1 Release Notes

Upgrade instructions

Board Client version 10.0.1 can connect to a server running Board Server 10.0.1 only, it is therefore required to update all Board Client and Office Add-in installations.

Capsules created or modified with version 10.0.1 cannot be re-opened with version 10.0.0 (or prior).

What's New in Board 10.0.1


10.0.1 HTML5 client contains many feature of the winclient that were missing in 10.0.0 release, performance has been improved: first login screen is now faster and screen rendering has been improved.

Please check below the list of winclient features that have been added to web HTML5 in this release.

ATO: it is now possible to use ATO pagers on the web client, ATO containers are also available.

Navigation: Multitab is now possible: users can open different screens on different tabs, the browser's tab name is now showing the capsule\screen name,

moreover the user can navigate back to the capsule browser simply by clicking on the blue Board logo on top left.

Authentication: Anonymous user is now supported, also SAML authentication and OpenID are now supported from the web client, please check this Article for further details:

Procedures: "Apply data selection" and "Apply selection to layout block" are now available

Dataview: It is now possible to Show BLOB cubes.

DataEntry: It is now possible to perform dataentry on relationships and on BLOB cubes. Suggested values are now available, save dataentry using pattern based allocation is now available.

Lock and spread has been implemented as well as "Total locked by" function.


Dataentry on BLOB cubes



Lock and Spread







Excel add-in

It is now possible to input data in flatten excel add-in layouts. Performance of the excel add-in and of the "Export to Excel" function has been improved.



Fixes and minor changes

Web HTML5 Client: Mouseover on treemap was not showing the tooltip, this issue has been fixed.

Web HTML5 Client: Bar chart with negative values were not displayed correctly, this has been fixed.

Web HTML5 Client: Bar charts column width was smaller compared tot he winclient ones, now the web client displays the chart the same way as the winclient.

Web HTML5 Client: Chart tooltips and trackball have been improved .

Web HTML5 Client: Bar chart with stacked values and switch orientation was not displayed correctly, issue fixed.

Web HTML5 Client: URL in buttons does not need the prefix http:// anymore URLs like (without http://) are now allowed.

Web HTML5 Client: Dynawrite was ignoring multiple spaces between lines, this has been fixed.

Web HTML5 Client: Chart titles were ignoring master selections: issue fixed.

Web HTML5 Client: Screen Background colors were ignored, issue fixed.

Web HTML5 Client: Transition container was not working if combined with Panel, this problem has been solved.

Web HTML5 Client: A problem with some menu objects not rendering has been solved.

Web HTML5 Client: Changing the font size in headers had no effect on HTML5 dataviews, this problem has been fixed.

Web HTML5 Client: Calendar Object is now working on Web Client.

DataView: Dataview is now scrolling up and down when using the arrow keys.

Button: URLs in buttons were always converted lowercase, this behavior has been removed.

Excel add-in: Switch to flatten was not working opening 2 or more excel workbooks, this issue has been fixed.

Excel add-in: Export to excel with dynamic selections was ignoring the pager, this problem has been solved.

Excel add-in: Refresh workbook was failing if the Board user had no access to one of the layout of the workbook, issue fixed.

Excel add-in: Improved performance on refresh, switch to flatten, select and when closing the excel.

Excel add-in: A malfunctions on drill down without down totals has been fixed.

Power Point add-in: it was impossible to edit charts exported from the client, this issue has been fixed.

Layout: a malfunction on layouts containing cubes with only one dimension using a referto has been resolved.

Layout: Sometimes the algorithms on ranking functions were not working on vertically aligned layouts, this bug has been fixed.

Layout: In some cases, entity blocks were not showing the correct value, issue fixed.

Layout: in some rare cases the algorithms were not updated after dataentry, issue fixed.

Procedures: Call procedures were resetting the pager, issue fixed.

Relationships: Scan Bottom-Up was not highlighting missing indirect relationship, this problem has been fixed.

DataReader: ASCII datareaders can now work on network paths with the normal windows syntax \\servername\foldername.

DataReader: an issue on SAP DataReader lasting longer than two minutes has been solved.

Export to PDF: The PDF generatebd by Board have been improved, it is now possible to open them also from IOS.

MXC Cubes: MXC cubes were not always saved to disk, this issue has been fixed.

Dataflow: an issue on dataflow on 128 bit sparsity has been fixed.

Export: Export layout from procedure was exporting header rows, this issue has been fixed.

WinClient: MXC cubes are now displayed in charts.

WinClient: a malfunction on @Selection_Ex functions has been fixed, the function was not showing layout and block selections correctly.

WinClient: A malfunction caused the deletion of a screen with concurrent capsule development, this issue has been fixed.

WinClient: Viewer could not show websites containing an authentication pop-up, this issue has been fixed.

WinClient: some special characters caused the dataview search function to fail, this has been fixed.

WinClient: It is now possible to use the dataentry in dataviews placed inside Trellis.

WinClient: Log is now able to show special UTF8 characters.

WinClient: Changing the series color for some heatmaps was generating a faulted state, issue fixed.

WinClient: Bubble Charts with cubes with only one dimension could make the client go in faulted state, issue fixed.