Upgrading from Board 10 or Board 11

Before beginning the upgrade to the Board 2021 Summer release (full version number: 12.1), there are some activities that are strongly recommended to ensure the success of the upgrade process.

Every Data model created in a Board version prior to Board 2021 releases will have to be cleared after you upgrade your solution, so cubes must be extracted before transitioning and then reloaded onto the Board 2021 Summer release.

This applies both to Data models created in Board version 10.x and to Data models created in Board version 11.x.

Steps for upgrading to Board 2021 Summer release

  1. Prepare a new environment with current version
    Prepare a development environment with the same version of Board currently in use. Board Cloud Customers can utilize a Sandbox instance for this purpose whereas on-premises customers must ensure a suitable environment is made available
  2. In your current version, run a Procedure that performs an “Extract all cubes” step and then, in the Cubes section, select all Cubes and clear them all
    • By default (using the "Extract all cubes" procedure step), the extraction path used by Board is c:\BOARD\dataset\database_name
    • Cloud Customers must extract such data in the z:\ storage area, therefore a dedicated "Extract all cubes" procedure must be configured

      Only the first version of each cube (also called Structure) is extracted during this process.

  3. Uninstall your current version of Board (on-premise customers only)
  4. Install Board 2021 Summer release
    • For Cloud customers, the upgrade process can be initiated by raising a ticket through the Board Support Portal. The ticket must contain your Platform name (e.g. customer1-s1.board.com). The Board Cloud Operations team will then handle your request.

      It is not possible to transition Board Solutions from versions earlier than 10.x. A transition to 10.x must take place before upgrading to the Board 2021 Summer release.
      If you upgrade from versions prior to Board 2021 releases, installing the Board 2021 Summer release will update the chat feature to the new version and all previous chat sessions will no longer be available.

  5. Access your Data models. A pop up window will appear, asking you to migrate your Data model: click "YES" to continue
  6. The system will automatically try to clear all existing Cubes data, search for previously extracted Cubes in the default directory and reload them onto Board 2021 Summer release

    This process may take minutes or hours, depending on the amount of data you're upgrading.
    If the automatic process fails, you will need to reload all cubes through Data readers or by launching the "Reload all cubes" procedure.
    If after the Data model upgrade your cubes aren't cleared, we strongly recommend to perform a "Clear all" action on your cubes before manually reloading them.


After all these steps are completed, your Data models are upgraded and fully reloaded, you'll be ready to actively use your new Data models in Board 2021 Summer release environments.

Data models upgraded from version 10.x will preserve cube versioning, sparsity settings and max item numbers. MXC cubes will be converted to integer and Expressions will be deleted, since Expressions are no longer supported from Board 2021 releases onwards.
Data models upgraded from versions 11.0, 11.2, 11.3 will lose cube versioning. Cube versions will need to be manually recreated: the process to create versions is exactly the same as in version 10.x.