• Applies to: All Board Cloud subscriptions using Board 2021 Summer release or newer


Board's Chat feature has been completely redesigned and now allows users to create one to one chat sessions as well as chat sessions with entire user groups.

With the new chat feature, users can collaborate more efficiently by sharing links to specific Screens with custom filters applied.

Enabling the chat for a user group allows its members to view and chat with only other members of the same group.


The feature has been designed to be consistent across multiple Platforms: this means that your chats and contact list will always be available, regardless of which Board platform you are currently logged into.

You can start chatting from anywhere in Board, at any time. If the recipients are logged out of Board, they will be able to read new messages as soon as they log in again.


By installing Board 2021 Summer release, the chat feature will be updated to the new version and all previous chat sessions will no longer be available.


The Chat area can be reached by clicking on the Chat icon () in the Top Menu. In the sliding right panel you will see all your existing chat sessions.

For one to one sessions, a green badge on the user avatar indicates if that user is currently online.

Click on a chat session to see all sent messages or send a new one. For chat sessions with multiple users, click on the group name at the top to reveal the participant list.


To enable and configure the Chat feature, please refer to the chapter on Collaboration in the Subscription Hub reference manual.


How to start a chat

To start a new chat, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Chat area in the sliding right panel
  2. Click on the blue "+" icon in the bottom right corner of the panel. The contact list appears.
    A tabbed menu on the top of the panel gives you access to:
    1. The User list (default view).
    2. The Group list. This area displays all User groups you can start a chat with. User groups are configured in the Subscription Hub.
  3. Select contacts from the list

    To start a group chat, select the members you want to invite and enter a name for the group.
    To start a chat session with entire User groups, select one or more from the list. If you select the "All users" group, you cannot select any other group. If you select other User groups, you will need to enter a name for the group chat.

  4. Type your message at the bottom of the screen, then click on the arrow icon that appears alongside the text box to send it.

    You can send links to specific Screens with one user's custom filters applied by clicking on the pin icon. The recipient(s) will be able to restore the Screen with the same configuration as when it was shared, including:
    - Selections
    - Custom Layouts configured through the Layout editor and the Quick Edit Layout
    - Drill configurations
    - Pager synchronizations

    To send a file attachment, click on the paperclip icon.
    File attachment guidelines:
    - File size: max 1000 KB
    - Supported formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .doc, .rtf, .docx, .pdf, .pptx, .ppt, .txt, .xlsx, .xls, .csv, .zip, .odt, .ods, .odp

    Shared links to Screens respect the user's authorization settings: if the user can't access a resource, an authorization error message is displayed on click.