Bug fixes and minor changes

Minor changes

  1. Cubes. The Sparsity analysis has been added In the "ANALYSYS" page for each Cube
  2. Maintenance Mode Log file. The Maintenance Mode Log file now includes the name of the Data model that gets locked by the activation of the Maintenance mode
  3. Add to Home icon on iPhone/iPad. A new Board icon is added on iOS-based devices when the "Add to Home" option on Safari is used with a Board URL
  4. Data Reader. In a SQL Data Reader, it is now possible to drag and drop any RDB item onto the WHERE clause configuration area so that writing it is easier and less prone to syntax errors

Bug Fixes

Data Entry

  1. A malfunction where the data-entry option would unexpectedly become active on Data Views in conjunction with Pagers selections has been corrected
  2. A malfunction where the data-entry option on a Blob cube wasn't working if a master layout selection had been made in the same Screen has been resolved 
  3. An issue where the entire Data View was deleted when a trying to delete a single value using the DEL key in Design mode has been fixed
  4. A malfunction that caused values entered with a data-entry action to be saved in wrong cells of a Data View has in Play mode been resolved 

Data Reader

  1. A malfunction where a Data Reader would get stuck when populating 4 different cubes with the same structure has been resolved
  2. When browsing results of a SQL Data Reader, the correct decimal separator is now properly applied based on your Culture
  3. The discarded records log of a Data Reader is now overwritten after each run in order to show the most recent information
  4. SQL queries pasted in the manual query area sometimes didn't display all lines correctly. The visualization issue has been fixed
  5. An issue caused a "PROCEDURE 'DATAREAD' FAILED" error when running Data Readers or procedures after restarting the Board Engine and WebApi from the Cloud Administration portal. The issue has been fixed

Data model

  1. When creating a Rule, a data picker that referenced 2 or more cubes wasn't working properly. This issue has been fixed
  2. When updating from Board 10.x to Board 2021 releases, cube versions are now aligned as expected
  3. In some cases, the Impact Analysis page wasn't showing all Capsules linked to a Data model. This issue has been fixed
  4. A malfunction where Capsules weren't listed in the Impact Analysis page when the "Hide Screen list" option was active has been resolved
  5. A malfunction that caused security selections on Database profiles to be ignored has been resolved 

Screen visualization

  1. An issue that prevented text in a Data View subgroups row headers from wrapping even if the "Wrap row headers" option was enabled has been fixed 
  2. A display issue with vertical scrolling of Data Views on touch devices has been resolved
  3. The "Refresh on DataEntry" option under the SCREEN PROPERTIES menu in Design mode is now working as expected
  4. In a Data View with data entry enabled and suggested value set on entity, double clicking on a cell and selecting a suggested value caused the Screen to freeze. This issue has been fixed
  5. A malfunction that prevented selection made in Pagers to be correctly shown in labels containing substitution formulas has been corrected 
  6. Block format and Color alert configurations are now applied also to collapsed Down total rows of a Data View
  7. Clicking multiple times on the SAVE button in the lock & spread window caused the page to become unresponsive. This issue has been fixed
  8. When you zoom out, bubbles in the Geo Map Objects now consolidate into a marker if the values of the Data Block they represent are the same. These markers support Drill and Select actions, Color Alert configurations in the Layout editor and their color can be customized from the Object properties panel in Design mode
  9. An issue with the Master Layout option and the Selector's selection in a Screen didn't update data shown in Data Views correctly. This issue has been fixed
  10. A Label Object configured with a comment was inconsistent with regards to the custom formatting displayed in Design and Play mode. This issue has been fixed
  11. An issue that prevented Data Views to appear in Play mode, if they had been configured with a vertical Layout and the visibility property had been set, has been fixed
  12. A bug where multiple pagers set on Entities in the same Hierarchy were not updating correctly has been fixed
  13. The @entity substitution formula wasn't working in the Dynawrite Object if the chosen Entity name contained a whitespace character. The formula is now working properly
  14. In some cases, the "Distribute horizontally" alignment option changed the Objects position on the Screen incorrectly. The option is now working as expected
  15. The Dynamic selection on a fiscal year with the "Current" period option turned on is now working as expected


  1. Calendar. An issue with Daylight saving time in certain time zones caused selections made through the Calendar Object to be inconsistent. The issue has been fixed  
  2. Dataflow. A malfunction where a Dataflow wrote values on a wrong target Entity has been corrected
  3. Dataflow. A malfunction where a text Dataflow didn't wrote the expected text string has been resolved
  4. Dataflow. A malfunction where a Dataflow between two cubes with the same structure but a different sparsity configuration wasn't working properly has been resolved
  5. Dataflow. A malfunction where a Dataflow between cubes with a different structure wasn't working has been corrected
  6. Dataflow. A problem with the Dynamic Offset option in Dataflows on cubes with two dimensions caused wrong values to be written in the target cube. This issue has been fixed
  7. Dataflow. Dataflows wasn't working properly when 0, null and empty values had to be written. This issue has been fixed 
  8. Dataflow. In case of high concurrency, a "Dataflow completed successfully" error message was displayed to users. This issue has been fixed
  9. Dataflow. Various malfunctions that caused all Layouts configured in Dataflow steps of a Procedure to be cleared and Selections to be reset have been resolved
  10. Dataflow. Text Dataflows involving the @entity substitution formula weren't workingif the chosen Entity name contained a whitespace character. The issue has been fixed
  11. Export data to xlsx. A malfunction that prevented the export of a Data View with a Drill-down configured on a column has been resolved
  12. Layout. Layouts with Cubes dimensioned by day as Data Blocks and with the Yearly Cumulated Value and/or Previous Year time functions turned on weren't working as expected in case of leap years. This issue has been fixed
  13. Layout. The structure of temporary cubes in the Layout editor of Dataflow steps is now displayed correctly
  14. Layout. An issue with data not being displayed in the right rows of a Data View has been corrected
  15. Login. A malfunction that prevented users from logging into Platforms associated with a Subscription Hub and on-premises has been resolved
  16. Nexel. The CrossView aggregation formula is working again 
  17. Office add-in. A malfunction where users logged via SAML authentication were unable to configure a Layout in MS Word and PowerPoint has been corrected
  18. Office add-in. Connection to a Board server from a machine with FIPS cryptography turned on is working as expected
  19. Presentations. A bug that prevented Presentation from proceeding after the 2nd slide with Autoplay enabled has been resolved
  20. Procedures. A malfunction in an "Extract cube" procedure step executed on a BLOB cube caused only a partial extraction of files from the cube. This issue has been fixed
  21. Procedures. Procedure steps that executed a Data model restore action to a custom path without specifying the Data model name caused a corruption in the target Data model. This issue has been fixed
  22. Procedures. Interactive selection steps on the same Entity using the lazo feature weren't working properly. This issue has been fixed
  23. Procedures. "Refresh screen" steps in procedures are now working properly in Presentations as well
  24. Procedures. "Clear cube" procedure steps are executed significantly faster, even when large amounts of data need to be deleted 
  25. Procedures. A malfunction that allowed skipping required interactive selection steps in a procedure has been corrected
  26. Search Engine Settings. Folder security rules prevented some Capsule from being selected as searchable under the Search Engine Settings tab under System Administration. This issue has been fixed
  27. Security. An issue that prevented new users, profiles and security profiles to be saved in the security database has been fixed
  28. Subscription Hub. A malfunction that prevented users from logging into Platforms associated with a Subscription Hub has been resolved
  29. Subscription Hub. An issue that caused an error when retrieving the user's contact list in a Board Platform associated with a Subscription Hub has been fixed
  30. Subscription Hub. A bug that prevented Board APIs to return correct procedures statuses for Board Platforms associated with a Subscription Hub has been fixed
  31. Subscription Hub. API calls using Client APIs configurations in the Subscription Hub are now working as expected
  32. Time Entities. It is no longer possible to normalize time Entities (either through the "Normalize tree" procedure step or through the "NORMALIZE" option in the Time range section of Data models