Regression test

Regression test can be divided into 3 main areas:

  1. Screens
  2. Data models
  3. Procedures


1) Screens

Just navigate your screens and you will immediately notice that the Board 2021 Spring release delivers significant performance improvements in screen loading time.

Head to screens that used MXC cubes or expressions and update Layouts with the new functionality.

If you're already using Board web version, nothing else is required: you're all set.


If you're upgrading from Board WinClient to Board web version, please consider the following changes:

  1. The Trellis object is not supported anymore
  2. The Cockpit object is not supported anymore
  3. Capsule sitemap is not supported anymore
  4. Use the aggregation functions on the layouts that were using MXC cubes: a layout using the distinct count aggregation function behaves just like a layout containing a MXC cube
  5. Use algorithms to replace expressions in layouts

Please be sure to review your Screens and Masks in order to take advantage of the new Board web client capabilities regarding Objects alignment and formatting.


2) Data models

If you are upgrading from version 11.0,11.2, and 11.3, cubes versions (except for the Structure, obviously) will be deleted during the transition.

You will need to manually rebuild cubes versions as in version 10.x.


3) Procedures

Procedures is the area where most effort is required.

The following procedure steps need to be reviewed:

  • Broadcasting: the old broadcasting feature has been deprecated, the new web-based broadcasting must be used
  • Extract cube: cube extraction may generate files with a different column order. Please check output files and exchange the column order from the "extract cube" action directly, if needed

    Since the column order in the extracted files may change, please review associated Data Readers.

  • Nexel writeback: the "Use configurations pages" flag is deprecated in Board 12.0 and newer versions, but it is still available and enabled by default for back-compatibility reasons. If Procedures made in Board 10.x are not writing values in Board 12, please disable the "Use configurations pages" flag and run the Procedure again
  • Dataflow: Dataflows upgraded from Board 10.x need to be reviewed. A new paradigm in Dataflow execution on the domain is now in place and needs to be considered.

 Dataflows in Board 10.x:

  1. Detect target dimensions
  2. Perform calculations on all possible dense combinations, combined with the existing sparse combination in the Data model


Dataflows in Board 2021 releases:

  1. Detect target dimensions
  2. Perform calculations only on the existing combinations of cubes involved in the calculation


In order to write new combinations, domain options have to be used:

  • Extend. Writes on all combinations of the entities detected as extend
  • Limit. Uses the existing combinations of a given cube to perform the calculation

"Extend" and "limit" options can be combined.



Let’s assume your target cube (target cube) is structured by Month, Customer, and Product and another existing cube (perimeter cube) is structured by Customer and Product.

You can setup a Dataflow to write the existing combination of Customer and Product in the limit cube, but for all Months using the perimeter cube as Limit and Extend on Month.

To know more about the Dataflow in Board 2021, see the Dataflow page.