Bug fixes and minor changes

Minor changes

  1. Bubble Chart axes configuration. It is now possible to configure the axis format of the Bubble chart
  2. Bullet Chart. It is now possible to set the background color on the Bullet Chart object
  3. Tree object. It is now possible to align (left/center/right) the text or numbers displayed in a node of the Tree object
    Text Alignment on a Tree node
  4. Data View columns sorting. Clicking the column header of a Data View now sorts the rows in descending order, the second click sorts them in ascending order and the third click restores the original order (i.e. non-sorted)
  5. Layout column sorting. The Layout now supports sorting columns displayed in "Detail by"
  6. Chart object. The Sort on Columns is supported on Chart objects as well. Using this option in the Layout of Cartesian charts allows to sort series
  7. Button. A new action type has been added, "Go to previous screen": it navigates back one step in browser history. Used in a capsule, it goes back to the previous capsule screen and restores the selections and pagers as they were when the user left the page. This action simplifies building in-app navigation. The back/forward buttons of the browser can also be used for the same purpose
  8. Data View. It is now possible to press the F9 key in order to save pending data-entry. Pressing F9 has the same effect as pressing the Save button of the Data View
  9. Data View optimization. When the number of rows in a Data View exceeds 1000, the labels appearing in the vertical scroll-bar that show the entity member have been removed. This is a performance optimization that considerably reduces payload on large reports, improves response time and reduces browser memory consumption
  10. Entity Cut-off. The Entity Cut-off parameter has been deprecated and removed from the interface. All entities can now be used in Selectors and Pagers without limitations, regardless of their size. When the number of members is particularly high, the members list is buffered and automatically passed to the browser in chunks
  11. Data-entry shortcuts. It is now possible to use the shortcuts "+" or "~" to add or subtract a given number. For example, typing +100 on a cell adds 100 to the existing value
  12. Nexel Text Cube. It is now possible to load Nexel formulas in a dedicated Text Cube and to associate it with a numerical cube on which Nexel formulas will subsequently be applied.
    Formulas can be entered in two ways: by performing a data-entry on the text cub or by using the Nexel editor directly on the cells of the numerical cube.

    Once each formula is entered, an automatic data-entry on the corresponding cell of the text cube will be performed and saved.


Bug Fixes

Excel add-in

  1. The VBA GetSelection function is now working properly
  2. The Refresh office File has been deprecated 
  3. A malfunction where locked cells in Excel could be modified with a data entry action has been corrected
  4. An issue that caused the Excel Add-in to disappear after a recent Windows update has been fixed 

Data Entry

  1. Copy-paste issues caused by target cells being locked have been fixed 
  2. Several regressions on validation rules have been fixed and they now work as expected  
  3. A malfunction where not all values were saved after a massive data-entry has been resolved 

Data Reader

  1. If a Data Reader exceeds the Max Item Number when loading entity members, a warning message appears 
  2. A malfunction where a Data Reader corrupted entities with "Sort by" set to "Custom" has been resolved  
  3. Data Readers run from procedures with “Use current selection” and “Replace” option enabled were not working correctly. The issue has been fixed
  4. A malfunction where a Data Reader set to update a selection of values cleared all other values non included in the selection has been resolved 

Data model

  1. It’s now possible to extract and align cubes from the structure tab of the cube definition page 
  2. A cube created using the "Copy existing cube" feature now includes all versions of the source cube 
  3. Any cube structure can now be modified by adding and removing dimensions at will, in one single step 
  4. Time functions when adding a new cube version are now working correctly and calculations in Screens are performed as expected 
  5. Blob cubes with Data Type set to "custom" and data-entry enabled now accept files with the preconfigured extension, as expected 
  6. A malfunction where a Dataflow from a cube with 2 dimensions to a cube with 3 dimensions resulted in wrong results has been resolved 


  1. A random issue with "Clear cube" procedure steps that slowed down the entire procedure has been resolved 
  2. A small problem related to Text cubes Dataflows not writing correct values on target cubes has been fixed 
  3. A malfunction where creating another cube version corrupted existing dynamic selects has been resolved 
  4. Concurrent actions on a Data model have been greatly improved in terms of performance and overall stability
  5. A malfunction that prevented BEAM forecasting scenarios from appearing has been resolved

Screen visualization

  1. A malfunction that caused Data entry values to be saved on wrong coordinates if a filter was being used has been corrected 
  2. Cells that don't respect Validation Rules in a Data View are now highlighted and show a dedicated info tooltip that appears on mouseover 
  3. Tree object visualization has been improved, also in containers with multiple tabs 
  4. If you use a text cube in a chart, data block values are now shown on mouseover 
  5. An issue where values of a vector Cube weren't displayed correctly if two entities were set BY ROW and one of them being the vector Cube's dimension has been fixed 
  6. An issue where two identical Data Views didn't show correct values if the "Yearly cumulated value" option was active and a Pager by year was in use has been fixed
  7. A malfunction that caused values of a text Cube not being displayed in a Data View when only two entities were configured BY ROW has been fixed
  8. Dynamic selection on year based on a calendar cube dimensioned by month is now working as expected 
  9. A selector on entities with more than 100 members wasn't showing all results when selector type "Pop-up window" was chosen. This issue has been fixed 
  10. An issue that caused text in a Card object to be always right-aligned has been corrected 
  11. A malfunction where a picture algorithm wasn't working in sub-totals/totals rows in a Data View has been resolved 
  12. A display issue with tooltips overlapping text has been resolved
  13. In a Data View with data entry enabled and suggested value set on entity, double clicking on a cell and selecting a suggested value caused all Screen Objects to freeze. This issue has been fixed


  1. Capsule Translation. A malfunction that prevented translated content in specific languages to be show upon user language profile change has been resolved 
  2. Chat and Broadcasting with SQL Server. A malfunction related to SQL Server for the Chat and Broadcasting features that prevented users from using Board has been resolved 
  3. Application configuration. In the appsettings.config file, any modifications made to the following keys were ignored by the user browser until a clear browser cache was performed: cognitiveSearchEnabled, cognitiveAnalysisEnabled, cognitiveCapsulesEnabled, fullTextSearchEnabled. The issue has been fixed 
  4. Dataflow. In Board 11.3 a Dataflow that performed the calculation "c=a*b" wasn't working without the Extend option set to "All entities". The aforementioned Dataflow is now performed correctly also without the Extend option set to "All entities" 
  5. Dataflow. A malfunction where a Dataflow with an "if" function cleared data in the target cube after a Data model unload has been resolved 
  6. Dataflow.  A malfunction where a Dataflow between text cubes with only one dimension wasn't working properly has been resolved 
  7. Dataflow. A malfunction where a Dataflow with a configured time offset wasn't working has been corrected
  8. Export data to xlsx. A malfunction where a column of values exported in the target Excel Workbook for Board Add-in was deleted and then would reappear in a different column has been resolved 
  9. Extract Cube in Procedure. A malfunction in an "Extract cube" procedure step that prevented the correct saving of the chosen cube version has been corrected 
  10. Layout. An error that caused the WebAPI to stop when a reverse algorithm was incorrectly set on another algorithm with Data-entry enabled has been corrected 
  11. Layout. A malfunction that caused nested algorithms values not to be calculated on the fly with data-entry enabled has been resolved 
  12. Layout. A malfunction that caused algorithms totals to be different before and after saving a data-entry has been resolved 
  13. Layout. Ranking functions are now working correctly, in Layouts with both algorithms and entities 
  14. Nexel. The CrossView functionality now works also when combined with Deepest Entity Rule 
  15. Procedures. A malfunction where a copy/paste process involving procedure steps organized in groups didn't retain groups has been resolved 
  16. Procedures. A malfunction where the "Export a Layout to Ascii file" procedure steps didn't export column headers correctly has been resolved 
  17. Procedures. An issue with data visualized in Procedure debugging when a temporary Cube in a Dataflow calculation is set has been resolved 
  18. Procedures. A malfunction where the Layout configuration of the Dataflow procedure step wasn't showing the actual Temporary Cube structure has been resolved 
  19. Procedures. A malfunction that prevented the Procedure log file from being generated has been resolved
  20. Procedures. An issue that caused the interruption of a Procedure that executed Dataflows and ended with a "show message" step has been resolved 
  21. Registry lock on Windows Server 2012-based machines (Cloud subscriptions-only). A malfunction that caused the Board Administration Portal to lock the virtual machine's operating system registry has been resolved 
  22. Subscription. An error triggered when setting up a subscription with an XLS file attached in Board Platforms associated with a Subscription Hub has been resolved
  23. Transporter. The Transporter tool now transfers custom time entities and related relationships as expected   
  24. Transporter. The Transporter tool now correctly transfers relationships between entities, even after making changes between different Transporter executions
  25. Unexpected logouts. An error that caused random logouts from a Platform has been fixed