Tips for a quick regression test

A good strategy for performing a good regression test is to create a Capsule to check Procedure results.

To do that, proceed as follows:

  1. To check which Cubes are involved in a given Procedure, access one of your Data models and head to the "Impact Analysis" section
  2. Once you're in that section, select Cubes under the "WHAT" column and select "Procedures" and "Capsule procedures" under the "LINKED TO" column
  3. Proceed to the "ANALYSIS" tab, select the Procedure you want to test and check which Cubes are involved in it
  4. Create a Screen containing Data views based on those Cubes
  5. Run the Procedure and check that its results are coherent with previous results in Board version 10.x

In case of discrepancies, the problem is probably in Dataflows: if Procedure results are different, be sure to check the domain options.
To know more about the Dataflow in Board 12 and newer, see the official Dataflow documentation page.