Copying a Slide

This topic describes how to create a copy of a Slide.


Copying a Slide is particularly useful, for example, when you need to create various Slides that link to the same Screen of a Capsule but display different data. 

To create a copy of a Slide in the same Presentation or another one, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Presentation in Edit mode, click on the Slide you want to copy and click on the icon that appears on the right side of it
  2. Click on "Save as Slide"
  3. In the pop-up window, choose a name for the Slide copy and choose the Presentation in which you want to save it
  4. (Optional) Check the "Reset layout and selections to original screen" checkbox to reset any custom settings saved in the Presentations environment (custom Layouts, selections, drills and filters)
  5. Click "OK". The page will refresh and the newly copied Slide will appear in the tree diagram in the left panel, at the bottom of the Slide list.

To move a Slide to a different position in the list, drag and drop it anywhere in the list.



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