Board integrates a powerful search feature that allows you to easily search across all resources within a Platform, just like you would with any search engine online.

The Search feature is accessible from the Main Menu or by using the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+F.

The search feature in Board's Main Menu


The Search results page will list all Screens, Capsules, Presentations and Slides matching the keyphrase you typed.

Board search algorithm will search for the keyphrase into:

  • Capsules and presentations names
  • Screen names and slide titles
  • Layout titles and Block titles
  • Object annotations and tooltips
  • Label and button captions
  • Dynawrite contents
  • Slide annotations

The keyphrase must be at least 1 character in length and can contain spaces. The search engine will look for the full keyphrase in the Board resources mentioned above. If no result is found, it will consider single keywords for the matching. Typos and misspelled words are handled with a tolerance.

The keyboard shortcut to activate the search feature won't activate the search feature in the following scenarios:
- When designing or navigating a Capsule
- When designing or navigating a Presentation
- Inside any sub-page of a Data model (Entities, Relationships, Cubes, etc.)
- Inside any sub-page of the System administration section (Folder security, Online Users, Broadcasting, etc.)


The search results page will include:

  • Capsules
  • Presentations
  • Screens
  • Slides

Capsules and Screens are highlighted in blue, Presentations and Slides in green. Each result will also show the path and a clickable URL to quickly access the resource.