Create a copy of a Screen

Copying a Screen is particularly useful, for example, when you need to create Screens that use the same Objects but display different data, or when you want to preserve graphic customizations throughout your Capsule. 

To create a copy of a Screen in the same Capsule or another one within your Board Platform, you need to activate Design mode.
Once Design mode is active, proceed as follows:

  1. Open a Capsule, hover over the Screen name you want to copy in the side panel and click on the icon that appears on the right side of it
  2. Click on "Save as"
  3. Choose a name for the Screen copy and choose where to save it

    You can save the Screen copy in any existing Capsules, but you can't save it in a specific Screen folder within a Capsule.
    The Screen name can be any number of characters long and can include any Unicode characters except the following:\ / : * " < > |

  4. Click "OK". The page will refresh and the newly copied Screen will appear in the tree diagram in the left panel, at the bottom of the Screen list.

To move a Screen to a different position, drag and drop it anywhere in the Screen list. Drop it on a Screen folder to move it to that folder.
When you create a copy of a Screen, all selections applied to the the original Screen will be retained.