Layout Select

The Selections area located in the upper right of the Layout editor allows you to apply a custom selection to the currently open Layout only. In this area you will also find the selection inherited from the Screen (if any).

If a Selection has been applied on a Screen in Design mode, all Layouts in the Screen will automatically inherit it. Its configuration will be displayed in the Layout Selections area, beside the "SCREEN" black label.
Applying a Layout Selection is optional, but recommended in case you're working with highly granular Cubes with many dimensions in order to avoid slowdowns during calculations.

The Layout Select is configured exactly like the Select function and follows the Selections application sequence (Select at runtime). The Focus and Dynamic selection functions are available as well, but you can't configure a selection on a Data model other than the one associated with the currently opened Layout.

Click on "LAYOUT" to bring up the Select configuration pop-up window.

When you have selected the desired Entity members, click on the "TO" button to override the current Screen selection on the selected Entity.

By clicking the "APPLY" button, the Layout selection is applied successively to the Screen selection on the selected Entity, as per the Selections application sequence (Select at runtime).

For Entities belonging to the same hierarchy, the selection applied to the Layout may be used to limit the selection defined at the Screen level.

For example, if the current Screen selection is "2020" on the Year Entity but you only want to select 3 months in a Layout, you can configure a Layout Select on the Month Entity to consider only the desired months.