Layout Filters

The "FILTERS" button in the Data area allows you to apply additional sorting and filtering settings to data based on Block values.

Once there, apply row and column sorting conditions as desired by selecting the reference Block and defining the sorting order.

If the Layout has two Entities set by row or by column, the sorting condition will consider only the most nested Entity.

The Keep top option allows to display a given number of rows and columns. For example Keep top 10 will only display the first 10 rows or columns.

The Keep Totals option, when enabled, calculates totals only for visible rows and columns. If the option is disabled, row and column totals will be calculated considering all rows and all columns defined by the Layout, regardless of their visibility.


In the Filters area you can also define one or more filtering conditions based on Block values.

Leaving the "Min" or "Max" fields blank will not apply any limit.

When multiple filtering conditions are defined, they can be combined using the following logical operators:

  • AND. Requires that all filter conditions are true
  • OR. Requires that at least one condition is true

To apply the desired operator, click the button as shown below: