The Dynawrite Object

The Dynawrite Object is a free text editor which allows you to include annotations, comments or help text right on a Screen or a Container.

It can be used to display formatted text, images, and values from a Layout. 

Using the Dynawrite Object, you can: 

  • Display custom text (as a tooltip or an annotation, for example)
  • Display images (icons or a logo, for example)
  • Display a value from a Cube (a number, a text string)
  • Display a Selection (either of a specific Entity or the complete Screen selection) or other dynamic information using substitution formulas


The Dynawrite Object's appearance, just like every other Board Object, can be customized to match the graphic style of your Capsule.




The following image shows a Dynawrite Object in a dashboard that displays data about salespeople of a company. The Object is configured with a few substitution formulas, in order to display the current Screen Selection, active user, and date and time.



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