The Button Object

The Button Object resembles very much the Label Object: it is very flexible, highly customizable and can be used for many different purposes.

Typically, a Button Object is added to a Screen in order to perform an action when clicked. It can, for example, open a new Screen, run a Procedure, Save pending data entry actions and much more.

Just like the Label, it can also be used to display numerical, text, and image information, such as:

  • A Cube value (a number - the sales amount, for example - or text, such as a string from a Text Cube or a substitution formula). 
  • A Selection, either of a specific entity or complete Screen selection
  • Free text (as a title or a comment, for example)
  • Images (icons or a logo, for example)


The Button Object offers a few custom formatting options for its states (Rollover and Disabled) and, just like every other Board Object, its appearance can be configured in order to match the graphic style of your Capsule.

The Button Object is configured and offers the very same interactive features as the Label Object. Please refer to the Label Object section of this manual for more details.



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