BOARD Cloud2Cloud Connector


Board Cloud Connector is a powerful connectivity service that provides a single, standard data interface to a wide variety of popular SaaS and on-premise (behind the firewall) applications and databases.


How it works

Board Cloud connector provides easy, real-time access to data managed by cloud services such as, Oracle Service Cloud, Apache Hadoop, and Oracle Eloqua.

Connectivity data service can be configured to access different data sources, from SaaS applications to Cloud based databases and on-premise databases.

All data sources are exposed through a single ODBC interface with a  SQL-based interface.

Board can access all data through the standard data reader that will be configured to connect with a standard ODBC Connection.

For example, an organization might want to use a reporting application to predict travel budgets by analyzing travel data stored in the cloud.

The following illustrates Board Cloud Connector components and architecture:








Board Cloud Connector  includes:


The ODBC Driver to the Cloud Data Connectivity Service: this single point of connection  enables the Board Data Reader to interact with any supported data store available in the Cloud Data Connectivity Service. The Cloud Instance is given with the ODBC installed and running


The Cloud Data Connectivity Service,  which provides access to the cloud data store. The connectivity service abstracts the source from the target of the data. It includes the following connections to SaaS or Cloud Data Sources



The optional On-Premise Connector that allows you to securely access data for supported data stores on your local network without opening ports or otherwise reconfiguring your firewall exposing them in the Cloud Data Connectivity Service. It supports a wide variety of databases, including:




Cloud Data Connectivity Service and On-Premise Connector are subject to additional fees.


For any help regarding the Cloud Data Connectivity Service please refer to the Board Knowledge base documentation.